exploring the art of the spiritual assessment

The spiritual assessment is a psychic reading (also known as a sitting), primarily conducted for those developing their spiritual abilities and requiring an experienced medium to help them find focus, purpose, validation and empowerment. 

In the same vein that someone will consult a psychic medium for life guidance, the spiritual assessment will place the emphasis on the spiritual development of the sitter.

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Exploring The Art Of The Spiritual Assessment£7.99

A Must Read

"I liked everything about this book. It is essential reading for all who work in the area of spiritual and psychic readings. Everything is explained in plain english and it dispels much mystery and myth. Helens ability to convey these concepts in such an down to earth and thorough way can only greatly assist the aspiring spiritual assessor to do a brilliant job for the highest good of those they work with. It will truly help so many. I do believe it is a must read." Review 

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Exploring The Art Of The Spiritual Assessment£7.99

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